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Ada Open – IUPC 2017. will be held on 15th of April 2017. on Ada Ciganlija Lake. The contest organizer is diving club S.D.T. Svet Ronjenja from Pancevo ,under the auspices of the Association for underwater activities of Serbia (SOPAS). This competition is powered by Nikon Serbia. We expect to see competitor from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and from other countries in the region. Eventhough this is an IUPC competition, the competition will be ranked as a national contest for national competitors.

The competitors give one photo in each of three categories: environment, fish and macro. Underwater photographers are classified into two classes: compact cameras and DSLR cameras, and will be judged by this classification. Photos will be judged by jury:

1. Milan Živković (Nikon Worldwide Ambasador, Master of Photography)
2. Igor Rill (National Geographic Serbia)
3. Vladan Milisavljevic (Ultramarine Photo Agency)

International Cup (IUPC) compiles in underwater photography competitions that take place in all the club founders of the cup in the course of two calendar years (two-year cycle), and its purpose is to evaluate and encourage perseverance, professionalism and high quality competitions in underwater photography.

To achieve ranking, competitors compete in a minimum one category in each of the founders of the Cup in two year cycles.

Regulations and the categories of competition will be defined separately by each organizer and hosted in accordance with the specifics and water of the country which is a host , in accordance with the rules of IUPC and the model of the international diving federation CMAS.

Scoring for the Cup

The obligation of each competitor who competes in the Cup is the participation in at least one competition in each of the founding members in two years. Competitor who participates in more than the minimum stages of competition in four different countries, can choose the best result from each country, plus one of the best achievements for a total of five results.

Scoring of the competitors will be performed by giving award points depending on the seats won in each contest of the Cup. Points shall be granted in the following order:

For the 1st place 18 points
For the 2nd place 15 points
For the 3rd place 12 points
For the 4th place 10 points
For the 5th place 8 points
For the 6th place 6 points
For the 7th place 5 points
For the 8th place 4 points
For the 9th place 3 points
For the 10th place 2 points
For the 11-15th place 1 point

Rules of contest

1. The right to participate

The right to participate have all divers with a minimum finished diving course CMAS P1 (or the equivalent of some other association). Verifying competitors must show:
1. Diving card
2. A signed statement of responsibility
3. Certificate of registration fee paid
Registration fee for the competition is 30 euros. For members of the National Alliance (sopas) entrance fee is 20 euros.

2. Equipment and Scoring

Diving equipment – it is allowed to use diving equipment (single tank and twin tanks) open to air or nitrox, only with a valid certificate. If any of the competitors dive with nitrox mixture must show a certificate of having passed the specialty, nitrox diver course. The organizer has the right to check the safety equipment and respiratory mixture of media. The use of CCR is forbidden. It is expected that competitors bring their scuba tanks, but if they can not do that, are required to inform the organizers (at least 10 days before the competition) to prepare them.

Camera - is allowed to use only digital cameras of any type (DSLR in armor or not, a compact, amphibious). It is allowed the use of all types of strob, additional lighting, lens and other additional photo equipment.

Photographers must register in one of two categories: DSLR (reflex) digital cameras and compact (compact digital cameras).

Specificity of photo equipment :

Competitors bring their own blank memory card and give it to the organizer to check before diving. All competitors record images in JPEG format. Recording images in parallel formats (NEF, RAW, etc.) for personal use is allowed but the images in these formats do not turn for the evaluation. Multiple exposures and overlapping two or more images (Image Overlay, etc.) are forbidden. Before the dive card is formatted and the first recording is determined by the organizer. After diving competitors submitt to the judges memory cards with up to 130 shots. In case that the competitor has more than 130 shots the judges will remove the excess footage.

All competitors perform selection of images to their own computer. For a selection of photos which will go to judging a contestant has available 180 minutes.

For possible discrepancies between the digital device and organizer’s computer, competitors are advised to bring along the USB cable for the camera and software to download images from the camera to a computer. Contestants submit to the organizer only file and names (shots) in JPEG format they choose, and they have to be registered in the organizers form. When they submit their file names, competitors can check to see if they match the selected images. The organizer will on request and instructed by the contestant turn the selected photos (vertical or horizontal).

Contestants submit for the evaluation only one (1) photo for each category. The jury evaluates only the individual photos. The ranking determines the grade of placement.

Scoring : Each image is evaluated separately. The competitor with most points wins the category, and the competitor with the highest score from all categories wins the stage. If two competitors have the same total score, the winner is the one that has a higher number of higher grades. The sum of all the points of two of the most successful competitors from the same club provide the team placement.

Organizer and host have the right to use all the photos from the competition for the promotion of underwater photography and diving.

3. Competition categories

Photographers will compete in three categories: ambient, fish and macro photography.

Ambient photography’s goal is to take a photo which highlights the natural beauty of the underwater environment. The shots of divers will also count, as a part of the underwater environment. Footage on the surface is also allowed (of which at least 50% of staff must be underwater).It’s not allowed to bring stuff under the surface of the lake, as well as interventions in changing the environment.

Fish : The goal is to make a recording of which the main subject is fish, involving the portray of the fish (up of behind the gill openings), whole fish or a shoal of fish in order to obtain technically correct and artistically the best possible photo. It is allowed to use all types of lenses, including macro lenses, additional lenses or tubes. It is not allowed to change the natural environment, feeding fish, rearrange lake organisms or destroy any part of the flora and fauna. In The fish category do not enter the photos of fish’s eye, fin, dorsal fin, or any other part of the body of fish.

Macro photography : The aim is to record the underwater flora and fauna, or the part of it. It is allowed to use macro lenses, supplements, and tube lens to a specific format on the chip which will show an equal image or lesser area of ​​approximately 100 x 150 mm.It is not allowed to make changes of the lake organisms or destroy any part of the flora and fauna. In the macro category enter details of fish, eye, fin, dorsal fin or any part of the body of fish.

In all categories is allowed to use all types of flash, additional lighting, different colored filters, effects-lenses and the like. It is not allowed to use torches or other flame funds.

Competitors, in each category, will deliver for evaluation one shot . Each image must be remembered in a separate file. Files for each clip is appointed as followed: each name is composed of alphanumeric label competitors number, followed by a letter from the label categories (A-ambient, R-fish, macro-M), and the third in a numeric name length (0051,0672, ...). For example: "5A0051", which means that it is the fifth reported competitor, category, ambiance and a file that is labeled 0051 st.

Any abuse (inserting images that are not recorded in the competition, etc..) bring disqualification of the competitor.

4. Awards

Following ranking system is provided:

* 1, 2 and 3 place overall individual ranking for both classes of camera (compact and DSLR), under the supervision of the IUPC
* 1, 2 and 3 place overall individual ranking for both classes of cameras (compact and DSLR), followed by the National Championship in Serbia
* 1, 2 and 3 Place for team plasement in the IUPC stage (in team can be two competitors from the same club)
* 1, 2 and 3 Place for team plasement in the Serbian National Championship (in team can be two competitors from the same club)
* Best of Show Photography

5. Application forms

Signing up is by forfilling the form located on the site
For additional information, please contact Janez Kranjc, which can be contacted at +381 65 880 66 80 or via e-mail: Ova adresa el. pošte je zaštićena od spambotova. Omogućite JavaScript da biste je videli..

6. Responsibility

S.D.T. Svet Ronjenja asa host of the competition, disclaims any responsibility for damages that may result from this competition. All competitors perform at their own risk. As a confirmation competitors sign statement of responsibility

7. Complaints

Appeals are submitted in written letter to the delegateof the competition 30 minutes after the event or after the dive, during which there has been a controversial event. A tax of the appeal is 50 euros which is refunded if the protest is accepted. Otherwise, the funds remain the with the host.

8. Accommodation

The accommodation capacity in Belgrade are quite large. On links below you can find a good selection of hotels and hostels. Around the Ada Ciganlija there are no accommodation facilities.

S.D.T. Svet Ronjenja (host of the competition) and sopas (sponsor of the championship) wish you want a pleasant stay in Belgrade and a lot of success in the competition!

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