Janez Kranjc

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Janez Krajnc, scuba instructor, underwater photographer and cinematographer.

Born on the 15/05/69 in Belgrade.

As early as he can remember, he has felt an incredible connection with the water. In 1997 he completed his first dive course and inevitably, diving has become an essential part of his life.

What started as a hobby has, over time, become his vocation. Since then, he has taken part in some unique diving expeditions: Diving in Trnovacko Lake (the first dive ever made at that lake), discovery of the WWII bomber JU-88 in Montenegro, exploration of the Danube River branch Jez, video documenting the new freediving record in the No Limit category, under ice (Weissensee, Austria) and numerous dive expeditions in the Red Sea, the Philippines, the Maldives…

Some fifteen years ago, Janez took his love of photography under the water. Capturing the fascinating underwater world has become his primary reason to dive. It is very unlikely that you will see him diving without his camera. The results are numerous photographs published in dive magazines, several author and group exhibitions, as well as several awarded underwater documentaries. He is currently a photographer and correspondent for the National Geographic Serbia . His reports have been published in numerous dive magazines around the world.

Besides documentary work, he often makes commercial photographs and videos for the dive industry.

Janez uses a Nikon D810 , D7000 with Subal housings .

He is a CMAS M2 instructor, Nitrox instructor, underwater photography instructor…

For Janez, joining the Mares team of accredited underwater photographers brings new opportunities that will result in great photography, new exiting dive adventures and collaboration with creative people around the world.

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